Virtual Motion Capture

Control a VRM 3D Avatar with VR Hardware!
Start Making Let's Plays with VR Games

Film From Inside a VR Game

Using SteamVR's externalcamera.cfg and Mixed Reality compositing, you can film your own 3D avatar from inside a VR game. With a third controller a cameraman can film while moving the camera.

Or Use a Virtual Camera with MR Compositing

Even without a third controller, a virtual controller can be configured to film within a game in the same way. This is because merely superimposing on top won't work. The things to the front of you must be composited properly on top.

Easy Hand Gestures

You can change your hand gesture at any time using the controller or keyboard. Presets similar to VRChat are also included, so you can start using immediately without any setup. The trigger is used to grasp and move objects in a game and with this you can clearly display that action to the viewer.

Flexible Configurations for Hands and Facial Expressions

In addition to the presets, you can bend the five fingers to any angle and create configurations of your favorite hand gestures as suited for your game. The facial expression can also be changed at any time by using the controller.

Use Trackers for the Head and Hands

Instead of using an HMD and controllers for tracking, you can assign trackers to your head and hands instead. This can be used for things other than VR games.

Use Trackers Even for Regular Games

Using hand and head trackers will leave your hands free to use a keyboard or game controller allowing you to also create Let's Plays for regular games. You can change expressions or hand gestures with the keyboard so you can talk while switching in real time.

ねこます - けもみみおーこく公式

You can get creative and use Virtual Motion Capture in many different ways! When launching at the same time as a VR game, you can display the player's avatar without the need for motion capture software. It's fun to do a Let's Play with a head tracker and two hand trackers. Thanks to Akira-san the possibilities for VTubers have increased.

Nekomasu - Kemomimi Oukoku

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